News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.


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How about broomsticks and apperation
Maybe the floo network can get me into Club 33? I don't mind showing up covered in ash, they'd throw me out pretty quick regardless of how I got in. :D


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There was a 14 ft 650 lb gator taken from the lake on the river here in southeast Alabama recently. He could have carried at least 3 people. Mass transit! :eek:
Now look, we've already had people on here worried about carbon-belching buses, and with all the talk lately about bovine flatulence, we don't need to add to it with gator farts.


Seems like good news to me! Not as fun as a monorail but definitely much better than a bus... Is there still talk of doing some kind of light rail type system throughout property? Sorry if I'm mistaken about that haha
Everything indicates these will be much MORE fun than the monorail.


You must not have any engineering experience and must not have looked at Google Earth.
First, there are no existing canals going from either Coronodo Springs or Carribean Beach to other locations. Any new canals would have to cross major four lane roads requiring very expensive bridges. Assuming the water table is at 2' as you say you would still have to dig at least another 4' or 5' to have enough for even pontoon boats and to take into account seasonal variations in water levels.
Sorry, your idea just doesn't hold water....;)
I realize that this is just an idea, kicking around these threads, but I do want to point out that when Buena Vista Drive and World Drive were being rebuilt near Old Key West, new bridges over the canal extension were built, and built a few feet higher than the road, leaving enough room underneath for the current ferryboat to pass. Of course it would take a lot of work and water rerouting to make this work (and any extension to Caribbean Beach would have to cross Bonnet Creek property ?) but .... just my 2 cents.
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