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News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.


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I'm ignoring all the initial reactions and checking back in a month. Most of us just need to know how the crowd congestion levels are for our own trips. The streamers are all great people, but for some reason I get a huge burst of anxiety from watching them. The ones with larger followings are especially annoying. Maybe someone with a psych degree can explain that. I'll just wait and experience it for myself!

Figments Friend

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I will be there on the first Guest day of operation later this month to check these out, and take a trip around the routes.
Planning on trying to ride from Epcot to DHS ( via the change station ) or vise versa to try out the experience and see what the sky views are like.

I will be sure to report back here my thoughts.
Maybe even snap some photos...but i cannot promise that.
I tend to travel very light these days.




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Moving platforms, synchronized to the movement of the ride vehicle. The moving vehicle is stationary from the perspective of the Guest boarding.

(Not arguing against Skyliner, just pointing out the flaw in the analogy.)
To turn it back around, these guests somehow managed to step from their stationary path onto a moving platform.

I haven't done the research, but it's entirely possible that the speed different between a gondola and its platform might be even less than that of stepping onto a speedramp.


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I'm guessing the gondolas were delivered in batches and the last step is paint and/or wrap and finishing so the batches probably got made up by color due to the batching of the gondola orders form the manufacturer.
They have been running them for months though and they have been mixed up until this point.

Perhaps yellow is the only color that keeps the cabins below boiling point

Rich Brownn

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Because the monorail was a Disney Invention? Generally, the Disney magic has never been inventing the thing, but making a thing better. They didn't invent the Roller coaster, they made it better in SM, They didn't invent the Monorail, they made it a legit transport option. They didn't invent the dark ride, they made it immersive. The list goes on...

People love to give credit to WDI for their inventions, when, far more often, they utilize exiting technology in new or different ways.
The did, however, invent the steel tube roller coaster with the Matterhorn, even if it was by accident :D
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