New festival coming to Epcot in 2014


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Guess it will be May-July? Unless they are going to move around some of their other festivals?

Flower & Garden - March-May
Food & Wine - Sept-Nov
Holidays Around The World - Nov-Jan

The summer doesn't "need" a festival for attendance, so that would rule out August...

Maybe move Flower & Garden to February-April, then "Technology" from May-July?

Then they can have festivals all year round! (apart from the January-February)


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Thanks for the input, I guess that January/February need an attendance boost more than May/June?

Yeah, that's my thought. Jan/Feb would be the next most logical time to do such a thing. After that, I would think late Aug/Sept (F&W typically starts the last week in Sept IIRC).

Anyway a Tech festival in Future World is actually a pretty cool idea and might help to bring back the long lost "Future" of that area. We'll see how the execution goes.


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Wow! I saw this thread title and was prepared to post how I thought the critics are right after all! (I know some of you do not believe that).

But I have always thought that something should be happening year round at Epcot that is out of the ordinary. And this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Very happy about this! :) I might even have to visit!

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