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New EPCOT Reimagined merchandise collection


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Who designed that crap?


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Looks like bad clip art from the early days of graphics design before vga came out. Sort of like a cheap wallpaper you would have on a baby's bedroom. The only one that looks remotely cool is the last one but it seems more like a giant paperweight.


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Might as well call the Play! pavilion "Bruno", because they just won't talk about it.

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Ignoring the fact that Crush has the Land pavilion on his pin which bothers me to no end, it's weird that A) They're still using the "World Celebration Table" logo and B) Olaf is attached to it, instead of having World Showcase. Even if they pivot the Table logo to Communicore Hall, it would make more sense for it to be attached to a Mickey & Friends character, like Minnie.
Because Moana in Journey of Water is from Hawaii and Stitch is friends with Lilo in Hawaii. Don't you know anything?😉

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We did eventually get a pin set of some of Eric’s fabulous Epcot poster designs.
And do I remember right, there was also some small square magnets released as well?

I say bring on the Eric Tan art Epcot tshirts.
Or how about one of those patterned shirts, but with the Epcot posters?
Now THAT would sell like hotcakes.

Or keep it simple -
Epcot Pavilion Logos are always pure win when it comes to merchandise.
The unofficial stuff out there has proven this many times over the years, and the official stuff from Disney featuring them almost always sells out.


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