New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk


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Whaaaaat? Down here in South Florida where we have the toughest building restrictions, they build residential towers in less time than it takes Disney to remodel a snack bar... I also see tons of development going on in the Orlando area, and it is not taking 4 years to build a house. Concrete roof tiles seem to be difficult to find right now and we were tole there is a year back-order on white concrete roof tiles... but not 4
I was joking to explain Disney’s absurd restaurant building schedules of late.


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the spectre of "mold" or "sinkholes" always seems to show up when Disney construction projects start to lag... And opening up a building and stripping it and leaving it open to the elements doesn't seem like a fine way to get rid of mold in a building...if it was a mold problem...I would think they would want to strip it out, clean it up and re-seal the building as fast as possible to avoid more mold growth...


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Behold, the new sign!


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Not just you. The B is noticeably closer to the sign’s edge than the I is on the right.

The spacing of the letters in “BoardWalk” leaves something to be desired. The B is nearly floating by itself while the W is rather squished.

And the text and overhead lights don’t line up.
The lighting could be the angle of that photo, but otherwise I totally agree. The centering is off and the letter spacing is apparently random. This looks like something from a 7th grade industrial tech class.


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I was joking to explain Disney’s absurd restaurant building schedules of late.

Construction crews and supplies are still at a premium, so much so that Aldi decided to buy 400 Winn-Dixie and Harvey's grocery stores to convert across the southeast because it was less expensive and quicker than building their own.

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