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New digital seamless China film coming to China Pavilion


Well-Known Member
What does seamless film mean?
The current CircleVision screens have vertical bars on them.


Well-Known Member
I'm going to guess 2018 or 2019 for this. Hopefully the former since we only have TSL penciled in for that year on property.


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Sooner or later were also going to have to see a seamless screen for Canada..We are at the 10 year mark of the last version with Martin Short....

Also side note....Could you imagine how impressive the Seamless projection would have been if Timekeeper was still around....Oooooh..I just had a tingly feeling.

Madame Medusa

Active Member
The fact that this is all they're adding is disgraceful and borderline offensive. China has so much potential for legitimate attractions.

When are we going to see that realized, 2037?

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