New Cirque du Soleil 'Drawn to Life' show in development to replace La Nouba


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Early buzz is good. I had no doubt - Cirque Du Soleil is world class. I am a very proud Canadian who will always shout Cirque's praises, and I am so very grateful they survived the pandemic.

I'm so glad I was able to see a live performance of La Nouba during my Senior Trip between late April-early May of 2015. I instantly fell in love with Cirque du Soleil after seeing it for the first time. There were moments in that show that gave me serious chills. I forgot the name of the act, but it featured an opera singer on top of a stage, while it was set to a rock style music and the stage was lifted up. For those that seen that show, can somebody help me remember the name of the act? Because that was my favorite moment in La Nouba.

Anyway, when I manage to return to WDW in the future. I will definitely be checking out Drawn to Life (since I'm a big fan of hand-drawn/2D animation).


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The show’s director, Michel Laprise, did the excellent grand chapiteau show “Kurios” before this.

Happy to hear it’s being well recieved.

Thanks for sharing this video @the.dreamfinder. In honor of Drawn to Life debuting at Disney Springs, I'll be watching "Kurios" and "Amaluna" (via Cirque's official Youtube channel") tomorrow after I finish watching "Adventure Thru the Walt Disney Archives" on Disney+ 😍


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I saw the show last night and it's SO GOOD.

Its opening (no spoilers) is DISTINCTLY Disney animation and the rest of the show has a wonderful balance of Disney touches without being "in your face Disney" and is 100% Cirque. There are also nods to La Nouba in a couple of the songs and there is a DEFINITE shout-out to La Nouba in one scene.

Favorite acts (I know I'm going to get the names wrong): Aerial pencil, death wheel and the mom/dad dancing scene (it's beautiful)

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Oh the gifts! They gave us champagne as we entered the lobby and an opening night pin. After the show we all got a show poster & credits packet.

I'm taking mom on Saturday and can't wait to see it again
Quick question, how long is the show? I have tickets for the 5:30pm show on January 6th. I had forgotten I had purchased the
tickets and I have a 7:30pm reservation for dinner at the French restaurant in Epcot. What are my chances of being able to keep
the reservation?

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