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News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021


My Last Trip was in 2018
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Because when you are hired you represent the brand. The brand Disney is crisp, clean professional looking, and despite what you think appearance is a reflection of the brand. Pink hair, tattoos and nose piercing isn't something you should see representing a Disney park.
Actually, representing the current-day brand at WDW should look more like this...


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I don't want to sound whiney but it feels like every single year Disney is intentionally shedding more and more of what makes it unique and better than other theme parks. I'm rapidly losing interest.

But why is all the CMs fitting into a narrow definition of what is right making it better? Wouldn't just better CMs, no matter what they look like make it better?

They are still having strong controls over how people are presented ... Heck, they have guidelines on hygiene!

How many people within the Disney fan community show their love of Disney through tattoos? Now the CMs can as well (even though there are still strict restrictions in that as well).


My Last Trip was in 2018
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Tattoos are not professional. They should be covered up at work. I dont care what tattoo it is or where you work.
What if you work in the South Pacific as a Maori Warrior?


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True, it’s far more alarming how they’ve turned the Epcot lagoon into an industrial park. This is small potatoes compared to that.
It is possible for one to be all for cast members having butterfly tattoos and earrings while also feeling like the harmonious barges should not be permanently docked in world showcase lagoon. It’s me. I am that one.


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I would expect a Disney/theme park-centric forum would be excluded from the extreme toxicity of other social media platforms when it comes to issues other than the theme parks but they are here.
To be honest, after seeing the extreme ways in which Disney fans have responded to certain changes instituted by the company (particularly COVID guidelines), I'm not surprised anymore. The fandom has toxic parts to it that no one wants to address, not least of which the company.

Old Mouseketeer

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Quite honestly this goes farther than I would have expected. One major unanswered question--if they have eliminated gender-specific references, does this apply to onstage costumes? I knew a young woman who worked at Haunted Mansion who hated the maid's costume, but they wouldn't let her wear the butler's costume unless she identified as transgender. I know a guy who wears business casual at TDA who can't wait to rock his kilt!

Things are about to get VERY colorful! LOL

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