New 20k pics! 9/13/04 - NOT 56K FRIENDLY!


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I was at MK earlier this morning, enjoy!

From a distance

From various vantage points in Fantasyland







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im glad to see that disney is following code of union worker water break rights and suppling them with the left-over water fountains. id hate to have one of those workers partched while working in that heat. lol

thanks mkt. how was the temp. this morning? it is quite nice in bham.


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I see the "E TICKET" water fountains are still there...YES!!!!!!
But where is the beloved LADDER of AMAZEMENT????
Do you know where the all mighty and powerful ladder is??

MKT thanks for the Pics. It is great when you guys post the pics, I get the feeling of having my own piece of DISNEY in Jersey..the SEWAGE I mean garden state.


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Thanks for the pictures, Rob!
They make me sad, it just looks so different. 20,000 Leagues was one of my favorite rides and when it closed down, I was quite sad. But then it just sat there for 10 years! From what I'm hearing about future plans for the site, it may remain barren for a bit before anything is put in its place.

All I have to say is, "It better be good!" :fork:


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chucknstuff said:
in Jersey..the SEWAGE I mean garden state.

:lol: :lol: :lol: You've got that right :lol: :lol: :lol:

Great pics! If all there doing is landscaping that area it should be done in no time....right? :hammer:


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Wow! I'm not gonna lie, seeing the lagoon completely filled like that actually broke my heart a bit :(

I know 20k has been gone for a long time, but now it is definately 'dead and burried'.

I am looking forward to seeing what happenes with this space, but I can't help the feeling as if an ill friend lost thier fight, and was finally laid to rest...

20,000 leagues under the sea is now 6ft under the dirt....


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So, Rob...didja take any of those from the dreaded Dumbo ride? Looks like you got some very good vantage points! Thanks for sharing!

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