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Need Surprise Ideas


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Okay so I met my current long distance girlfriend this past summer when I was working for the mouse. She is still there and I am visiting her in December right before Xmas. Im not looking to propose or anything like that. However i thought this was the most appropriate subforum to post. I am just looking for some ideas that I could surprise her while down there or some really romantic things I could do there as well. I want to make this special cause we are not sure yet when we would see each other after. We will be most likely staying at all star when I am there too. Any and all ideas welcome.


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What's your budget? Is there anything she's ever said she'd love to do, but didn't have the money/opportunity?

Because food is one of my favorite things about being alive, my first thought was a romantic dinner somewhere -- Victoria and Albert's if you are looking to impress and money is no object -- otherwise, a restaurant that is quiet by Disney standards and serves the kind of food she likes to eat. (That is, of course, assuming that you want the surprise to be something Disney-related since that's where you met. If she's still there, she may see going off-site as more romantic.) I imagine some of the resort spas also have couples packages available.

That being said, a small, thoughtful present with a heartfelt note -- a poem, even, if you can manage it -- is a pretty awesome surprise all by itself.


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Assuming money is not a factor: The private dinner at Grand Floridian is a great idea, it includes a custom menu, a butler, and there is only 1 reservation a night. It is generally around $500 for a couple and I can get you more info if you are interested. Another great option would be the two night in room celebration is amazing and I am doing it for my Fiancée the night before and the night of our wedding in WDW. Here is a link for it: http://disneyworld.disneyfloralandgifts.com/category/in-room+celebrations.do?nType=1, it includes flowers on the first night, with a nice card and some chocolates I believe, then the second night it includes a silver bracelet, champagne, electric candles, and rose petals all over... I want to say it was $400, it includes more but I honestly can't remember what lol...

Ok so being more budget appropriate for most people you could have flowers delivered to her throughout a day, for example each hour have a flower delivered to her at a certain point in a park with a special note :) I can't speak for in park but I again am having this done for my Fiancée the day of our wedding, I am having flowers/items delivered to her every hour with a note... This was kinda hard to setup, our wedding coordinator ended up having to get a Disney Floral Manager to call me because they were trying to just deliver it all to the resort at once and have the resort deliver the flowers 1 by 1 from the vase they assembled... the cost on this is for 5 deliveries to a hotel room was about $220 including a Mickey dozen roses, a rose wand, and one of those mickey balloons which have a mickey head balloon inside a clear balloon... I am not sure of the logistics of doing this outside of a single hotel room or even if it is possible but it's an idea :)

Disney is very romantic even without spending money though if you really want to make it special you may have to spend some :) These are just a few ideas from my experience (either things I have done, am doing, or have extensively looked into doing) Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions about any of them and good luck!!!


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I imagine some of the resort spas also have couples packages available.

That being said, a small, thoughtful present with a heartfelt note -- a poem, even, if you can manage it -- is a pretty awesome surprise all by itself.
The couple spa is a great idea and you can never over estimate how much a heartfelt note of love will do :)


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I don't know how you feel about wishes with her. To me and my Disney boyfriend they are kinda our thing. I love the view from Narcoossee's at the GF. They dim the lights and they have an amazing veiw of wishes which you can watch from their porch. Also they play the music, it's absolutely romantic. If you don't want to pay for dinner, there is a grassy part on the other side of the walk way from the restaurant, still right on the water. Ya'll could have a picnic. After watching wishes ya'll could go back into the main building and listen to the live band and the concert pianist (he takes requests btw). Ya'll could dance in the lobby or the balcony to ya'lls favorite Disney song. I love watching the older couples dance. Also the beach at the poly with dole whip during wishes. Simple and cute! I don't know your budget, but there are a lot of fun things cute things you can do without spending barely any money at Disney.


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We went on our honeymoon in November 2011, and while we were at MK, my husband set up a scavenger hunt throughout the park through Gifts of a Lifetime. We started at the wishing well by the castle...and there was a poem and everytime I found the next clue there was a little gift. I think the gifts were chocolates, a disney music CD, Genie's lamp...a few others too. It was really awesome and very romantic.
Hi there, you can give her unique gifts like personalized jewelry, DIY gifts like wrapping the gifts with paper rose you can also search on the internet for some surprised gifts.

Tony the Tigger

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If you're going right before Xmas, get to the room first and decorate it. You can make a stop at Dollar Tree or wherever for the basics and/or bring stuff from home - lights, garland, stockings, mistletoe, tiny tree, etc. You can add a Disney ornament or buy one together in the parks.