Need info about Mile Long Bar from Country Bear Jamboree exit


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Can anyone fill in the gaps when it comes to the Mile Long Bar that used to be at the exit of Country Bear Jamboree?

I know it had the three mounted Audio-Animatronics of Melvin, Buff and Max and I know it was at the exit.

Here's what I'd like to know...

1. What was served?
2. How big was the area? Did it have seating?
3. Did it have a line? I can't picture it being at the exit and people not getting the way of Guests leaving the show.
4. Are there any pictures of the bar?
5. Was it just too mirrors on either side to make it appear infinite?
6. Did those mirrors also reflect the Cast Member working it or were they angled in such a way that it did not project infinite Cast Member?



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Here's Pictures and Video I found swimming on the net...



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I have audio tracks from this area, but i am sure they are the same as any already out there online.
They are from the original WDW issued CBJ album. Side One of the LP has the entire original show audio, and Side Two of the LP has selections from the Mile Long Bar. These were typical atmospheric BGM selections of old country western tunes.

No photos...though...sorry.

I remember visiting this place back in the 80s. It had a very rustic appearance and the theme is similar to what is there today.
Seeing the three animated, mounted heads again after exiting the CBJ was always a novelty and i missed that when they were eventually removed.

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