Need hotel recommendation--great pool and amenities


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We're doing Fort Wilderness in a few weeks to swim, some horseback riding, archery, and other resort stuff. Maybe Hoop Dee Doo too. All of this *could* be down elsewhere cheaper but we enjoy FW. Not a great pool so may not be the best foSafari.

I like the AKL recommendation because there's nothing else really like it. There are plenty of great for options and activities. Look into if they're doing the night safari.


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Another vote for Coronado Springs if you go when there aren't cheerleading competitions. The main pool and it's pool bar are extremely busy then. It usually trends older because of it being the convention hotel. There are a lot of food options, the resort is gorgeous, the pool is huge and well themed, it has the biggest hot tub on property, and the rooms are some of the best for the price you're going to spend. Riverside will always be my favorite because of the theming and the easy boat ride to DS but CSR has it beat in almost every other way.


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I'll go out on crazy limb here....I know you said Disney, but you might wish to take a look at a few non WDW hotels too- given the price of many WDW hotels. Or at least consider a split stay that is part onsite and part offsite.

Hear me out...

We tend to do split stays no matter what, but if we're looking to spend our time enjoying the pools and other hotel amenities, we often split our time among different hotels. That way you get to enjoy a variety of dining options and a variety of pools, and it often costs less.

Two hotels that come to mind- if you want a really fun pool - are the Marriott World Center and the JW Marriott Grande Lakes (this is not the one in Bonnett Creek.) The JW has all kinds of hotel activities, and a really great lazy river. I have not been there in a few years, but the hotel was gorgeous. Marriott World Center has lots of pool and water slide options.

Another option to consider is the Sapphire Falls at Universal. The hotel is super nice, and you have access to tons of non park options. Universal also allows pool hopping if you are staying at one of their hotels. I can't we've actually done that though because the pool at SF is super. All of Citywalk is easily accessible via walking plus shuttle boats, and you'll know you are by a theme park. Lots of great dining options in all price ranges.

On WDW property....I'd look at pricing, dining options you want to explore if you otherwise like the pools all the same. Not mentioned yet is POR. It has a fun pool and easy boat access to Disney Springs. We liked Gran Destino too, but we had a car. If you want a kitchen, consider a DVC room. Again, I'd look at prices for the dates you want. They appear to be all over the place right now.

Universal's Cabana Bay is also a bigger room, though I don't think they have a kitchen.
Hi - my family have realized that while we love Disney, we're not really into the parks and are mostly interested in the experience of Disney. We're looking for a nice hotel with a pool and amenities. Recommendations?
I would suggest Port Orleans Riverside, you can take the boat over to French Quarter and enjoy that pool as well. Both resorts are relaxing and when we brought our granddaughters all they wanted to do was be in the pool! We would go to the parks and they asked to go back. They have movie nights at the pool areas as well. It was relaxing for us we let them swim, while we went to the pool bar for a drink. Happy vacationing if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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With the sheer amount of onsite hotels to choose from, start with your budget.
If you are looking to save go with a Value like Art of Animation. The pool is enormous with nice theming
Moderate- I do prefer Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower and the pool there is nice and doesn't get too crowded
Deluxe- all of the deluxe pools are very nice so go with the resort you would really like to stay at. I love Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club, Polynesian, Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge



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World once a year, Aulani every other year, Cruise every other year.


Our kids' school vacations have been attached to Easter for a few years in a row and we won't go to WDW in those crowds, so Cruise and Vero Beach have been good options since they can only get so crowded no matter the season.
When's a good time to go to Aulani? I was trying to get advice from the hotel and the answer was 'tell me the month you are interested and I'll check the weather on Google.' !


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When's a good time to go to Aulani? I was trying to get advice from the hotel and the answer was 'tell me the month you are interested and I'll check the weather on Google.' !
For light crowds, good prices, and comfortable weather I'd target fall through late winter, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Basically whenever school is in session.


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I've stayed at many Disney Deluxe resorts and trying to hang around the pool is not fun at many of them. Many of the pools do not have enough places to sit to accommodate all the flip flops, paperbacks and sunscreen that like to lounge around on comfy pool loungers.

AKL Jambo pool has always afforded us the opportunity to find chairs, in either sun or shade.

The Beach/Yacht Club pool IS large and has lots of kids. BUT, it is so big that we have always found isolated kid free spots to either lounge or swim.

Coronado Springs also has a large pool and the quiet pools are very nice. There's also plenty of bars and restaurants there.

We also like Hard Rock Hotel and have a couple times reserved a cabana to spend a day by the pool. Very nice.

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