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Need help with planning Mother Daughter trip end of January

MN mom

New Member
going to Disney World end of January 30th – 1st . with my two adult daughters, they have both never been to Disney World only Disneyland.

Because you have to make your park reservations ahead of time, I need help/advice/guidance from the Disney experts on what we should do.

We will be getting their most likely right after lunch on Monday. We will have half day Monday and full day Tuesday & Wednesday. Wondering which parks you think we should see. and if it worth doing the park hopper so we can get to all of the parks, or do you think there is a park worth skipping.

Monday –

Tuesday –

Wednesday – Magic Kingdom the park closes at 4:30 on Tuesday so this is only full day we could go

Should we pay the money for the Lighting lane/Geni+

Does it make sense to get the magic bands.

We would like to do a sit down meal at least once for lunch or dinner. These are the ones we are leaning towards thoughts/suggestions.
MK - Skipper Canteen or Be our guest
HS -Brown Derby or Sci-Fi
Epcot - Tutto or San Angel
AK - Yak & Yeti or Tiffins

Thank you


Well-Known Member
My daughter and I are both going to WDW in late January, 28th-February 1.

We are doing:

Saturday - HS Lunch at Sci-Fi

Sunday - MK - Lunch at Skipper Canteen
AK - Dinner at Jiko

Monday - AK - Lunch at Yak & Yeti

Tuesday - Epcot - Lunch at QS
HS - Mama Melrose (a must for my daughter, she loves the steak & macaroni and cheese)

Wednesday - Kona Cafe breakfast We are staying at Poly

Definitely get the Park Hopper, we are planning on going to our designated park in the morning & hopping in the afternoon.

I would only do Genie/Lightning lane for MUST DO rides: Guardian of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Flight of Passage.

I also purchased Memory Maker (my daughter loves the pictures with the special effects).

If you have any other questions, let me know.
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Club Cooloholic

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If you didn't get park hopper, I would make sure you do Epcot and Animal Kingdom as they are very unique to Disney World. That third day I would do MK over Hollywood Studios simply because there are more attractions.
If you do get a hopper you could do Hollywood one evening after AK, and make sure you ride Tower of Terror, even if you previously did it at DL. It's a superior experience.
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