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Need advise on Two and a half days at Disney parks!!


we used to go to WDW every year, but couldn’t for the past few years so some things such as FP+ and the nee rides (FOP) are new to us.
This trip will be the first time to visit universal, so we are splitting our trip in half. As for the Disney part:
We will be staying in grounds. So I can reserve FP 60days b4 the trip Also,I got Park hopper tickets so baisically I have 5time slots at parks :
1. After noon on 18
2. Morning and afternoon on 19
3. Morning and afternoon on 20.
My question is: what parks would you go to each day and what rides would you chose?cant really make my mind
Thank you


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There is EMH for HS on the 19th and for AK on the 20th and all my kids are tall enough to ride any ride
After thinking about it and trying to make the best out of my FP I think this is roughly how we will do it:
1. Day of arrival 18 go to MK since it’s the only day they open till 10
2. On 19th go to HS in the morning to take advantage of EMH till noon then back to hotel for rest... after noon Epcot
3. On 20th go to AK for EMH and stay till noon then back to hotel for a rest then for the night part go to one we feel we didn’t have enough of....
what do you guys think?
Looks pretty good. I wouldn’t miss out on dining options. So start looking into that
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