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NCAA College Football and COVID-19

Tony Perkis

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I thought it would beneficial to have a thread dedicated specifically to discussions about the impact COVID-19 will have on the upcoming 2020-2021 NCAA College Football Season.

To get everybody interested up to speed on the current state:

The MAC has already cancelled its fall football programs, and is looking to potentially move the season over to the Spring semester.

This caused a scramble on Sunday evening within the Power 5 (Big XII, B1G, SEC, Pac-12, ACC).

Reports surfaced today that the B1G held a vote of 12-2 to cancel the Fall football season.

But the conference has since clarified that no vote has taken place as of yet.

So we're pretty much still in a state of confusion and unknown.

Reports are now coming out that the Pac-12 will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, to vote on the season.

Additional reports indicate that the SEC is calling an impromptu meeting on Monday, today, to discuss the season. This doesn't necessarily mean there will be a vote.

The ACC and the Big XII are still on the fence.

Several NCAA players coaches, primarily Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh, are rallying on social media with #WeWantToPlay.

This thread may be short-lived as rumblings that final decisions are expected this week.

Tony Perkis

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Original Poster
This is a tough one because college football has built-in disadvantages that the NFL doesn't have, namely the school component. Allowing in-person classes for student athletes will 100% kill the season.


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In the Parks
Florida made their announcement today. The Florida Gators will have fans at the Swamp this year for the upcoming season amid the coronavirus pandemic. The stadium will be at 20 percent capacity, about 17,000 fans will be allowed at games. Tailgating will not be allowed on campus this season. The university is requiring all fans to wear face coverings. The only time fans can take off their face covering is to eat or drink. According to officials, the Gator Walk, Gator Walk Village and Gators fan fest will not happen at games this season. Spirit teams will also not be allowed on the sidelines. In order to help keep those in attendance safe, the school is adding more hand sanitizing stations to the stadium.

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