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NBA Experience at Disney Springs


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Wonder if more people would go to this if there were characters and a more relatable theme behind it, like say the ones for SpaceJam or just make it into SpaceJam. That would be cool, but yes Disney does not have the rights to Looney Tunes.


Thank gawd.


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Just like WDW promotes they hire veterans, look into hiring the former NBA players to work in the attraction. Some of them made millions throughout their career , spent it all living la vida loca, and are now broke. That may drive interest in guests checking out NBA.


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Shockingly low.
I don't understand why they are shocked. This sounded like a bad idea from the beginning. I rarely say anything negative, but this really made no sense. Maybe in the NBA boom in the team usa days and space jam, and when all the planet hollywoods and hard rocks were doing well, when stuff like this seemed popular. Now if this had been built near the hall of fame, near an nba stadium or in a big town with nothing else it might work. But theres too many better options around it.


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Truthfully if the NBA was smart they would make this free or super cheap. Disney is an international destination and Basketball a international game. Perfect place to market your product.


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They should charge $99 to make a mechanized BBBall.


Notes from Neverland

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This is one of those projects that I struggled to imagine from the day it was announced. Could it be fun? Absolutely. Are there enough guests who will take the time and money to experience this? Apparently not.

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