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Navi Shaman b mode.


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Oh she's not looking at everyone. She's looking at YOU! or that is how it should appear. Technically she won't be looking at us; we'll be looking at her. The actual illusion would involve the building of a new crystal ball globe with an extremely exaggerated inverse sculpt of Leota's head inside (Exaggerated to make viewing angles as wide as possible) then continue with the projecting of they eye and mouth movements. That's where things get a bit muddled in my thinking because I don't know if the projections would also "move" as we rotate around her.

The far extremes where we enter the scene and exit the scene would also need to be addressed.; obscuring the ball from view with a cleverly placed seance prop so as not to ruin the illusion.

There would be some sacrifice but the payoff of looking on at Madame Leota in the ball as she follows us around the room would be pretty impressive. If possible it would turn the stationary Leota into a more "animated" version; one that would gaze directly at us!

I think the entire Madame Leota scene is ruined as she constantly looks down, like she's checking her notes for her next lines. :bookworm:


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I think the entire Madame Leota scene is ruined as she constantly looks down, like she's checking her notes for her next lines. :bookworm:

I haven't noticed. I do think Leota's scene needs to be reworked though. Floating table... Stationary Ball. Swirls of Fog with motion Leota effect mentioned above. IMO the entire scene is too dark. I know attention is supposed to be on her but there so many other things full of detail in the Seance Room that deserve to be showcased.


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I rode yesterday and she was back.
I must have just missed it. She was still missing on Monday. The ride was also down for several hours on Monday but it reopened in the afternoon.

It was funny because I was there with my brother who isn’t a frequent visitor or knowledgeable of any of the Avatar Land attractions but his co-worker told him that the Avatar boat ride had an amazing ending. When the ride ended he was really confused.


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She was active sunday, however, her skin under her right arm was split open, showing the internal mechanics. Very unusual for disney.
Dancing Ariel from Under the Sea ride in the "Under the Sea" scene has foliage in front of her right arm. The covering material on her right arm split open and all they did was stitch it up and try to hide it with foliage. Seriously, it looks like she has stitches going all the way up her right arm.


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Wonder what's cheaper - the R&D + maintenance/repair of an animatronic or paying an actress to sit in one spot for 12 hours a day.

The actress would probably be cheaper in all seriousness haha.

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This is starting to sound like Yeti #2
Yeah...not even close. It is a complicated AA that occasionally breaks down and gets replaced by a projection. To date, I don't think the figure has been offline for more than 24-48 hours at a stretch.

This is not unlike a problem with a new flagship phone. .01% of users report a problem with said phone, but Twitter, Facebook and the news make it look like 90% of the phones shipped are defective.


I doubt that this will be like the yeti situation. It seems like so far they're keeping up with the repairs and she's never down for too long. Plus the screen provides a better solution during the downtime than oh I don't know strobe lights? Hopefully, they've learned from be yeti debacle and continue to keep this AA up and running. Especially with the ride being essentially brand new with thousands of people coming to see it for the very first time.


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She is in B mode today - We had fast pass but there really should be a warning up for those waiting 90 minutes+. She is gone just a video behind her normal spot. My daughter said she died lol

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