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Nail services close to Disney properties


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We will be staying on property for our 2 week vacation but are renting a car.

I don't want to pay the outlandish price to simple get my nails painted at a Disney spa. But 2 weeks is a long time to go when you don't do shellac or fake nails.

I just want a quick 15 minute nail polish removal and application, not even a manicure.

Does anyone know a walk in nail salon close to Disney that doesn't charge an arm and a leg?

Thanks in advance!


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Not sure if it's too late, but there are all kinds of nail places up and down 192. Basic spots like you'd find in any town USA. The ones I've gone to have had comparable (or even a little cheaper) to what i see in MD. like $12 basic manicure; $20 pedi, so I'm sure a polish change could ruin around $10 (maybe even $8 or so). I had one I did like up near poinciana & 192 so maybe a little far for you, so a quick look on your map app (if you have one) should give you a good number.
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