My Unpopular WDW Opinion - post yours!


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Figured it would be fun to start a thread of people posting their unpopular opinions. We all have attractions that we love, but sometimes we just can't see what others love about certain aspects of WDW. I'll go first.

I think Expedition Everest is totally lame! I don't understand why people love this ride so much. Yes, its theming is great, and the working Yeti was awesome. But beyond that, it's a boring roller coaster to me. Going backwards is sort of cool I guess, but I've always felt the ride itself has too much of a buildup before you actually get to a ROLLER COASTER type part. I don't like the stopping and starting aspect of it. Even the first time I ever went on it, my siblings were screaming about how amazing they thought it was, but I was underwhelmed. I remember we immediately went on it again, thinking maybe I had missed something, yet I still felt underwhelmed. And I'm a guy who LOVES storylines with my rides! (Heck, my screen name is after Rod Serling for crying out loud - Tower of Terror is one of the best pieces of imagineering.)

One of my best friends went on it for the first time last Labor Day, and he concurred that it is overrated and was underwhelmed. In fact, I will ride Space Mountain over Everest any day of the week! Still a better ride, even right now in questionable shape. :p

Feel free to disagree with me - that's what this thread is all about, unpopular opinions!
Your turn! What is your unpopular opinion? :)
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My two pence.
Tower of Terror is an overrated ride. Yes the themeing of the queue is very well done but it is just a freefall drop ride with a fancy queue. At least with other "less themed" rides of a similar nature you get a real feel for the height you are at. Ridden once and done.


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LOL this is fun!

Why oh why is tomorrowland speedway still there ?? lol

Ditto for Primeval Hurl!

The speedway is there because it is the only place my 7 year old granddaughter can drive. And it was the first place my daughters, now 35 and 31, drove a "car". For the daughters that was a tremendous thrill at the time. This last trip we have a photo of the daughter with the granddaughter on her first "drive" around the track. Good thing the cars have guide rails...... ;)
All that being said it is outdated and takes up a huge amount of space so I don't expect it to last much longer.


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I agree with EE being way overrated. The queue alone gives you this feeling that you are about to go on an exciting adventure. However, the roller coaster, not so much.


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This might change now that Pandora is here (Havn't been at WDW since it's came out) but, Animal Kingdom is my least favorite park. I mean, I havn't been on EE. But still....

I also don't mind how Epcot and Tomorrowland are right now either
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