My sister is getting married. What are the preparations needed?


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My sister is getting married in a few months. We’re all excited, including our relatives working in a foreign country. They say they’ll be home for this very special event. Here’s my concern, my sister wants me to prepare for her wedding. She said she’s very confident with my ability to be an organizer, and it would be much special if I prepare for it other than looking for somebody else. Now, what are the preparations needed? Should I start with the wedding theme? If so, please give me some suggestions. Thanks!


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I'm confused - is she getting married at WDW?


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Here’s my concern, my sister wants me to prepare for her wedding.

If my sister wanted me to plan her entire wedding in "just a few months" (most weddings are planned at least a year in advance, which is when most reception venues start to sell out) I'd be concerned, too. If she wants to get married at WDW, find out her budget, check and see if Disney is even an option (, and if it's clear that she can afford it, then you can work with her to select the particular package and options she wants.

Otherwise, what your sister is asking of you, particularly if you have no experience planning a wedding, is a huge and time-intensive undertaking. If you decide to take on that responsibility, start at your local library or bookstore, where you'll find an entire section of resources devoted to wedding planning for every budget.
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