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Pre-Trip My First Trip to Disney World! ( A Disney Honeymoon)


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Hi everyone! I am super excited to be writing this Pre-Trip Report. I have been a member here for quite some time and I have so enjoyed reading about everyone's wonderful trips! I decided to give writing a trip report a try.

Who: Me (Kaci) 31 Years Old
Hubby (Matt) 30 Years Old
When: February 22nd-28th.
Where: Staying at Pop Century and I will be spending a solo night off property at the end of the trip
Why: My husband grew up going to Disney World and while I attend Disney Land a few times as a teenager I have never been to Walt Disney World!

I have been doing so much research about Disney so between that and reading all of your trip reports I feel like I have been to Disney several times. I cannot wait to experience the magic in person.

I hope that you will join me on my first attempt at Trip Reporting! (I am including a picture from our Wedding Day for fun)



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WDW is a great place for a honeymoon! Congrats!


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I am a planner by nature and I thoroughly enjoy making schedules and sticking to them. Since they say opposites attract my husband enjoys planning nothing and breaking schedules.

With that being said here is what we have planned so far for our trip!

Saturday 2/22: This is our arrival day. We get into Orlando around 11:00 Am. We plan on having a semi relaxing afternoon. We might go to Disney Springs or just hang out around the resort. We have a dinner reservation at Ohana.

Sunday 2/23: We have Fast Passes for Mission Space, Nemo, and Frozen Ever After this day. We have a dinner reservation at Via Napoli
I am super excited to walk around Festival of the Arts. And maybe even catch one of the Broadway Performances

Monday 2/24: We have Fast Passes for Safari, Everest, and Dinosaur. We have a dinner reservation at 1900 Park Fare.
We decided to splurge and buy tickets to Magic Kingdom After Hours.

Tuesday 2/25: We have Fast Passes for Tower of Terror (Which I am absolutely terrified for but I am telling myself I will be brave), Star Tours, and Smugglers Run. We plan on relaxing this evening and we have dinner reservations at Homecoming.

Wednesday 2/26: We have a 7:00 AM breakfast reservation at Chef Mickeys. Fast Passes for Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and Big Thunder. We also have a 12:00 reservation for Be Our Guest and a late night snack reservation for Beaches and Cream

Thursday: 2/27: We have Fast Passes for Slinky Dog, Alien Saucers, and Rock n Roller Coaster. We will end the night doing the Fantasmic
Dining Package at Minnie's Hollywood and Vine.

Friday: 2/28: My wonderful hubby has to head home. I am staying an additional day because I have a friend who is on tour with Mean Girls The Musical and they happen to be in Orlando at the same time we are. I am planning on going to Magic Kingdom in the morning solo. I have Fast Passes to Meet Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's Flight, and Splash Mountain (hopefully the refurbishment is completed). I am staying off property this night and will hopefully have the chance to catch up with my friend.

Sorry for such a text heavy post but that is our trip in a nutshell. I am sure several of the plans will change but at least we have an outline!


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Eeek! We are down to the final final countdown. I cannot believe that I can count on one hand how many days we have left until we leave. I placed my final last minute Amazon order last night and my husband and I pretty much bought one of everything from the Target travel section!

Also I'm pretty sure our dog Raven can sense that something is up. She has been soaking up as many last minute cuddles that she can get.
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