My Favourite Characters Ride Disney Rides

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I've been making videos of my favourite characters riding Disney or other theme park rides that I post on my coaster enthusiast channel. I already posted my latest one on my latest status update. Here's one of Amy, Sally, and Mina riding 1994 Snow White...

Usually, I find videos/rides from the time period the characters come from. Amy, Sally, and Mina all debuted in the '90s (with Mina being 1999), but I used a late '00s video of Snow White because of a deviantART songfic they were in from that time period. I also used PC-98 Reimu and Ruukoto for Alien Encounter, with the video being from 1997.

By the way, I got inspired by those old videos where people would put My Little Pony voice clips over POVs of rides and pretend the characters were on them. Only this time, I voice act over the POVs.

(P.S. There's another one of Reimu riding the Hulk at IoA, but I mostly improvised that. That's why it's not as good.)

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