My experiment in human decency


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Here's one from the 2018 Arts Festival (I think), and they're decorative only:


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Either way. I fail to see what COVID had to do with someone being an *** and stealing what was yours to begin with.
It was a correlation to the lack of human decency regularly expressed in the COVID-related thread on this website with someone stealing a sentimental but otherwise valueless trinket. Hang out in that thread with any frequency and you'll see what he means. To a small minority of posters there, the biggest tragedy of the past few years is that other people getting sick has caused them the inconvenience of not being able to do exactly as they want all the time and without consequences.


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Not surprising. If it's not attached, someone will grab it eventually. People will steal anything that's not bolted down, and sometimes even stuff that is. I've seen people rip emblems off of cars (both adhesive applied, and clipped into a grille that requires removing the bumper to take off), hood ornaments, hubcaps, gas caps etc. Heck, when I was in tech school, one student left his '81 Trans-Am in the lot on Friday. Came in on Monday and the car was in the back of the parking lot, flipped over, with most of the suspension and transmission removed.

Gotta leave stuff like that locked in the car. Bummer regardless.

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