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My Dream 5th Gate!


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Ive read the debates on whether or not a 5th gate would be constructed so Im not going to argue that here. I just want to give my two cents of what I would like to see as a 5th gate, should that glorious day ever take place! I would like to see a park strictly e-ticket, as in an Islands of Adventure. Basically a big-kids only park themed with the villains. Hardcore roller coasters with disney flair would be amazing!

Big Phil

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Not bad. I think we might be a long ways from a 5th gate. Honestly, how big can WDW possibly get? By my count looking at the map you could conceivably put 8 parks in there at least, maybe more. However, the Fantasyland expansion is taking place now, the Star Tours was revamped and there is going to be Avatarland in AK. For all we complain about, Disney sure still makes things happen on a constant basis.

If they do anything more maybe they add some more stuff in AK. Western River Expedition? Beastly Kingdomme? Stuff like that. I think the quality of the other 4 parks can be improved before adding a 5th gate


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I think they should just add to existing parks until they are huge, then add a 5th gate...but for some reason, adding a 5th gate makes me nervous because it would be a gamble and I would hate for Disney to lose money


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Just remember what Walt Disney had for an idea. A park for the 'entire' family to enjoy. This is what WDW should keep in mind at all times. Let's not distroy the magic.


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I honestly see making a fifth gate a great idea...once all four other parks are up to par. I think 5 is a good number. I don't really think I'd build more than 5 though...so if they ever do plan on a fifth gate, it had better be something pretty amazing!

To be completely honest, I'd like to see another E-ticket added to the MK, rides that are rundown fixed up(Peter Pan, Big Thunder, Splash), and something to replace Stitch.
In Epcot, get something in the place of the WOL pavillion. figure out something with the god-awful Imagination pavillion, and a Universe of Energy redo. The countries could use additions as well.
Hollywood Studios...what a thematic mess. Expand Pixar place. Fix up/update Great Movie Ride. Adios Backlot Tour. Add Indy ride. Adios Sounds Dangerous. Adios Animation Tour...open that area up with a new walkway leading into Sunset Blvd to help with park traffic flow.
Animal Kingdom...getting Avland...great. How about adding more rides elsewhere in the park? Fix Everest already.
Waterpark additions...both Typhoon and Blizzard need something new.

After all that's said and done...bring on Gate number 5!


Honestly, I can't see Disney opening a park which intentionally excludes their core demographic, unless they feel the family market is tapped out.

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