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My Disney Proposal, for those interested


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After my trip report, I've had some requests for the proposal story. I'll set the premise, my boyfriend and I have been going to Disney since 2005. Myself a true addict tries to go yearly. We last went and February for our Anniversary/Valentine's Day but do to other circumstances his plans got foiled.

Well, this was our Christmas time get away with some friends of ours. Three days into our trip Dec 5th (Walt's Birthday) we went to the Crystal Palace for a nice fun filled breakfast. Unbeknownst to me this would be one heck of a day. After breakfast it was still early as the park had just opened and my boyfriend decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to take a good picture in front of the castle.

So he hands his camera to our friend, which is fine because we like getting random shots around the world. So the friend and his wife each snap a picture and my boyfriend goes to "see" it on the screen. He comes back with, "It didn't come out, let's try again." So I was like sure whatever, and he goes "Let's pose different this time." Well before I knew it he was down on his knee in front of the castle proposing to me.

Meanwhile the few people gathered around the castle are cheering. I was stunned, definitely not expecting that, but I guess that's what having your very own prince charming is like! Stunned I finally mustered up the "yes" in between wanting to cry and feeling super naseous! Then some random folk wanted our picture, I'd probably take pictures of random proposals too. I'll post the pictures when I get them from the boys' camera.

Then we all celebrated by going into tomorrowland and doing boys' versus girls' on Buzz Light Year and a spin around the TTA! A very magical day indeed. Wishes do come true in Disney :) And then we became honorary citizens of Disney World because they don't make a "just engaged" button.


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Congrats!! :)
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