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My Disney Experience Mobile Order for restaurants now live


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Anyone know if AP discounts will be offered on this anytime soon?

I'd be all over it if that were the case...
Nope, and likely not since the good AP discounts will be gone soon. Most of the AP discounts are not for QS normally.

I think if they can get it so you don't have to do cc payment we might see more.


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With the extension of the AP discounts Im wondering if it will be added to mobile ordering? Or will I have to wait in line for them to apply it? There are quite a few QS locations offering 20% off right now.


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My only issue is that the CMs at some of the locations seem to not have any idea that they even have this. There was a crazy line for launching pad, so I ordered a drink through MDE, and when I didn't see any of the idle CMs doing anything for 10-15 minutes, I had to walk up to the mobile order counter for them to actually notice I had an order. I hope this gets better with time, but seriously, it's a bit dissapointing.

EDIT: It doesn't happen at all locations, though. I always have a wonderful experience at Pecos Bills. I did the same order there once and it only took about 45 seconds from me pressing 'I'm here' to get my drink.
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I used the mobile app multiple times on our trip last week. It was awesome! We picked out our food selections while we were waiting in lines to go on rides. I would say we were there as we walked into the restaurant. We would find our seat and one person would go to the Mobile Order window. I was always the only one waiting and our food arrived in a minute or two. We will definitely use mobile ordering again. After reading most of the comments above I think the Cast members have worked the kinks out.


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Not currently. Also, can't use dining plan credits or receive any applicable discount (AP/DVC/etc.) at this time.

Makes you wonder why they don't just finish applications before they roll them out. When I order Disney Parks Merchandise from My Experience it automatically applies my annual pass discount. I fail to understand all these exceptions to their tech rollouts.


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Is there any way to store a credit or debit card for this part of the app? Hate to have to pull out a credit card in the middle of the park every time I want to order.


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Is there any way to store a credit or debit card for this part of the app? Hate to have to pull out a credit card in the middle of the park every time I want to order.

You can save a cc# on your account, and it'll use that for anything you purchase in the app. (Dining, park tickets, the card used to guarantee a dining ADR, etc)



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I gather Mobile Order is working out better than expected. I don't believe they originally planned to include so many locations so quickly.
Soon, we'll be mobile-ordering Mickey pretzels! That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea around firework time...Plaza Ice Cream Parlor would be a great choice, too.

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