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My Dining Reviews - 5 Disney, 1 Universal, 1 Disney Springs sit down


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I wanted to thank everyone for tips and headsup on ADRs, places to eat etc. I was hoping this review would help others who are looking into options. I also hoped to include a photo from each meal but I had a snafu with my phone and lost a bunch of photos, so no food shots, sorry.

Right to it, we ate 1 sit down per park day which worked out awesome as by the time our reservation came around we were exhausted and needed a break. I allowed mentally 90 minutes start to finish which was about right (sometimes you wait 10-15 minutes past res time to sit, then if you don't want to completely choke down your food and run, etc). Factor in min 60 min, but 90 min for no stress into your plans. Also I will say alternately, Quick Service with avail seating was plentiful, however depending on the weather - hot or wet, it seemed a little stressful given how busy it was and most tables were full, and lines at QS. We only did QS meal once outlined below. Otherwise we brought sandwiches in a cooler bag that sustained us and saved a few bucks. QS snack here and there too. Primary goal for places I chose was atmosphere/fun for kids, secondarily rest and good food

Day 1: AK - Yak n Yeti -Service 7, Food 8, Atmosphere 7. We were very ready to sit and all starving. I ordered the Korean beef with veggies and jasmine rice. The sauce and beef was delicious. Jasmine rice a little crunchy. Wife had Chicken Tikka Masala and enjoyed it. Kids meals worked out well and weren't too expensive. Waiter was very nice and accomdated kids on a few changes, food a little slow to arrive. Atmosphere was cool. Short wait to sit even with our res. Overall was very happy with it. pro tip: Got a membership with Landry's who owns/operates this. They can get you a ADR, even walk up, if you strike out with Disney.

DAY 2: HS - Sci Fi Dine In (lunch)- Service 8, Food 6.5, Atmosphere 9. Was looking forward to this one most. Atmosphere definitely lived up to it, was really cool. Kids bored with some clips but enjoyed tom and Jerry stuff. Waiter was good and timely, took a few family photos sitting in car. Wife and I ordered burgers which were good but a little too big and kind of messy. Kids options were fine. Very good shake. My wife ordered a coffee shake which they didn't technically have but waiter mixed with vanilla and was delicious.

ABC Commisary QS meal - used app to order which was really convenient. by the time we walked there food was ready for pickup. Sat down at table inside the A/C and it served purpose. Food was nothing special but was good enough and pricing was OK.

Day 3: Disney Springs - T - Rex (dinner) - Service 8, Food 7, Atmosphere 9. Kids loved this place. Super cool inside, each section different. Every 20 min "meteor shower" with darkened lights and sounds. Ordered Ribs and fries which were good. Wife ordered a large salad which was good. Kids meals were good and kids devoured what they ordered. Got a really cool large sharable dessert with fake smoke, some sort of chocolate volcano thing. Kids got upsold on some giant dinosaur cups. Pro Tip: another Landry's restaurant. this was hard to get and Landry's got me the exact date and time I wanted over phone.

Day 4: Magic Kingdom - Skipper Canteen - Service 8, Food 8, Atmosphere 7. We had a rainy day and this was a much needed place to dry off. Almost ordered the Sui Pork but waiter said was a fatty cut so last minute changed to the fried chicken with sweet chili sauce, and jasmine rice/veggies. Was really tasty and happy with it. the highlight tho was my wife's order of the appetizer Orinoco Ida's Chachapas which are like these corn pancakes with pork and some toppings. So good. Kids happy with their options and we got some yummy dessert bar and some kids desserts.

Day 5: Universal IoA - Mythos - Service 6.5, Food 8, Atmosphere 7. Good Greek type food, both wife and I had the Chicken Souvlaki bowl. Highlight for kids was the $4 banana split which they made to go for us, and was absolutely enormous. Was surprised at the price of that. Atmosphere kind of cool "in a cave". Waiter was very nice, but understaffed so we waited long stretches to see him. Easy to get reservation.

Day 6: Contemporary - Chef Mickey's (character breakfast) - Service 8, Food 7.5, Atmosphere 9. Another hard to get ADR, huge spread of food, very tasty but a little rich and salty. All the stuff you'd want for breakfast brought in a large skillet to table. Saw complaints about food temperature, ours was plenty warm... Kids got Mickey pancakces with whipped cream and a cherry and cool looking colorful dishes. Characters made their rounds and made sure to stop at every table for photos, hugs, autographs etc. Overall a pretty expensive breakfast but a highlight of the trip for sure.

Day 7: Epcot - San Angel Inn - Service 6.5, Food 8, Atmoshpere 8. booked this mainly for atmosphere in the dark with the volcano etc and it was pretty cool in there. We did the little boat ride before we sat. Waiter was busy/not as attentive. Expensive cocktails. Food was really good, wife and I had the enchiladas. Kids happy with their choices agian.

Overall the food was pretty damn good considering the reputation of being mediocre. I would highly recommend mousedining.com or some other alerting to get hard to find ADRs as this worked great for much of the above. I was off property and at 60 days out 1 day at a time almost none of the above were available without alerts. A few did become avail last minute (week were there).
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Thanks for sharing! I agree the Landry's card is a lifesaver! And Skipper's Canteen is a hidden gem. I think people get "scared" by the menu thinking it's too "exotic" but it's so good. Glad to hear you enjoyed San Angel Inn. Reviews always seem mixed there, but the atmosphere is unmatched and, if you offer me guacamole and tequila, I'm happy.

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