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MVMVP - worth it for adults?


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Not sure if this has been posted before but I couldn’t find anything so here goes.

My husband and I are visiting WDW between November 30 - December 16 and are debating whether MVMCP is worth it for us. We know about the extra parades etc but we would likely not be able to participate in the holiday refreshments (we’re vegan) and didn’t know if most activities are just aimed at kids.

Will just being in the parks and seeing all the other special holiday things be enough or should be just go for it and get tickets? Any tips and advice graciously received!

slappy magoo

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If it's not too much of a strain on your check book I'd say go for it. Just being able to be in the park at night, all decked out in holiday lights, and the shorter lines for the rides, it's great.


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My wife and I always visit around the time you are there, we have no kids. We usually do the Party twice every year. We love it and can't get enough of it. We will be there again this year.

If I were you and you can afford it I would give it a try. If you are doing it just to get on rides with shorter waits, it definitely is not worth it. If you love Christmas it really is something.

It has the second best parade, only the Boo-Too-You is better, I don't normally care for parades and Holiday Wishes is awesome. All the decorations and snow falling on Main Street just put the cherry on top.

Some rides get decked out in Christmas décor and all the characters are in their Christmas finest.

I could go on and on, but in the end you need to experience it if you even have a little interest in it and see if it is for you.

Surfin' Tuna

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I'm on the fence on the topic for myself this year. You can see all of the decorations and all of the "additions" to the rides on other nights w/o paying the additional charge. The parade is nice, but it is really just a lower rent version of Boo to You in some ways. The snow on main street is nice, but it just has never (I feel like a Grinch here) really felt magical to me.

Then again, I guess this is more of me comparing it to Halloween. If you were doing one, I'd say Halloween (just trying to convince myself what to do). If it's MVMCP or nothing, I would say go ahead and enjoy it. The last few years the shorter lines for attractions just don't seem to have materialized in my opinion.

Surfin' Tuna

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My confusion is that the Party doesn't get you anything exclusive except a cookie and hot chocolate, right? Everything else you can see any other day - the parade, the fireworks, the decorations.

This isn't really fair. There will be meet and greets where the characters are wearing their winter clothes. That's something, right?


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My confusion is that the Party doesn't get you anything exclusive except a cookie and hot chocolate, right? Everything else you can see any other day - the parade, the fireworks, the decorations. Because you don't really get anything extra, you're just paying a little more for a full day but might have to fight crowds.
The MVMCP parade and Holiday Wishes fireworks are exclusive to the party and well worth seeing! (The parade becomes the “regular” MK parade after there are no more parties, the week between Christmas and New Year’s.)

There are several different kinds of cookies in different locations as well as snowcones, soft pretzels and Dove chocolate, in addition to the hot chocolate. All are complimentary.

There are several meet and greets with rare characters as well as standard characters in Holiday attire.

There are special Photopass picture ops.

There is additional party lighting in “undecorated” areas of the park, special music, and it snows on Main Street!

Two MVMCP shows (one in Tomorrowland and one on the castle stage) are performed several times during the party.

Attraction lines are short!

We (2 adults) would do it again.


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The MVMCP parade and Holiday Wishes fireworks are exclusive to the party and well worth seeing! (The parade becomes the “regular” MK parade after there are no more parties, the week between Christmas and New Year’s.).
aka the most busiest time of year at WDW.


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The Christmas party is great. I have done it with my extended family (the only time I was there with a small child), with my husband (twice), and once by myself. I had fun all the times. I think the Christmas parade is much better than the Halloween Boo to You, but I don't care much for Halloween but do LOVE Christmas. And I'm obsessed with the toy soldiers in the Christmas parade, I think if they had a parade of just them, it would be excellent! The shows are fun to watch and Christmas Wishes is beautiful. So I would say if you like Christmas and like to have fun, it is the place for you!

As for the food, some of the options might be vegan. There were snow cones last year, perhaps that would fall into that category. I'm sure someone else would be able to chime in on that part or call Disney.


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I think it's worth doing at least once. Tickets range from $99 to $109 for the times you are there. Be aware not all attractions will be open during the party. Also, while the event doesn't start until 7pm, I believe they will let you enter the park at 4pm.


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Didn't know all this, good to know! So there are two holiday parades, one regular and one for the party? Same with holiday fireworks?
No, there is only one Christmas parade. To see it, you must attend a MVMCP OR visit MK during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, when the holiday parade replaces Festival of Fantasy (on those days only.)

Additionally there is one holiday fireworks show, performed only on MVMCP nights. Happily Ever After is performed on all other nights (when there is not a party.)


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I always say give it a try once if you can afford it. We do not care for the parties ourselves any longer, but they aren't bad either. I'm not into special parades or shows though which kind of is the selling point for many with the parties


My Last Trip was in 2018
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Assuming you mean the Christmas party, yeah, once.

If you mean Mickey's Very Merry Valentine's Party, I haven't been to that one yet. ;) all kidding aside, you can go back and edit your thread title using the edit function on the first post. Click on the three dots for more options, then select edit thread.


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We've done it once and didn't think it was worth repeating...with or without kids. Other people love it, but I was only so/so on the parade and prefer sinking the $ into a meal with a view of the Holiday Wishes fireworks vs seeing it in the park. We also found that the character M&Gs of interest had incredibly long lines and thought the little shows were cheesy. I know there are some people who do it just so they have lower crowds in the park when it comes to getting on attractions, but I guess I feel kind of silly paying holiday party pricing to do that...like the party should have more to capture my attention. And with the #s they've been letting into parties of late, I've talked to several people who didn't feel like the lines were all that great. All in all, it felt like a lot of $ to spend on cookies and a few extra decorations and photo ops.

Still, there are obviously those who love it and you won't know for yourself until you try it. So, it may be worth doing once to get that first hand opinion.


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I had a wonderful time at the party last year. For me the stage show was the best one I have ever seen--huge cast, high energy just a blast! The parade, fireworks and other smaller shows are great too. If you are into M&Gs, there are lots of fun ones and several snacks and beverages are gluten free. I liked it more then the Halloween party but I'm not that into Halloween.


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Personally I enjoy the Christmas party more and I really love the Halloween party. The only thing I enjoy more the Halloween party is the parade and the Mickey waffle with pumpkin spice dessert at Sleepy Hallow. Great now I am craving that and I have around 90 days before I can enjoy one. Thanks.

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