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Must Do Disney Coming Back???


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I don't see it happening until whatever the new Fastpass system they have in store is up and running and everything is as close to 100% as possible.

And the cynical side of me says it won't be Stacey because they'll hire someone new for less money.


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Hard to imagine them doing anything when so much is up in the air (construction, policies, etc). Also hard to think of them shooting anything new when visually there is less consistency. Gotta agree that although Stacy would be welcome, they way go for cheaper, younger, unknown host or maybe even re-jigger that to have multiple hosts specific to each park.


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I can see the video now:
  • Let's see how our friends on Main Street's trolley are doing... what? they're not doing that?
  • Oh, Let's see how Nemo and Friends are doing in Animal Kingdom.... (not showing...)
  • OK. Let's do a circle tour of The Magic Kingdom on the Railroad. (Nope)
  • Check the the Citizens of Hollywood? Nope. Listen to the drums in Africa?
  • Here, watch these Mickey Mouse shorts from the 30's. They're really good!


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Rat??? And is Stacey coming back? I saw where she tweeted about a year ago a thank you to Disney for letting her do that but that they had decided to go in a different direction or something along those lines.


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My DD is there now and said there is a new "Must-Do" with a female voice doing the voiceover...She didn't say it was Stacey. She has a very recognizable voice. Either they put it up to wait for a new one NOT showing guests with masks, or we'll just have to watch Stacey on YouTube...

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