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Music Loops


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I'm listening to the Magic Kingdom entrance loop and was wondering are they still playing the same music loops as the one I have on cd from 2011?

Also, how many different ones are there just for the Magic Kingdom alone?

And which music loop of all the parks is you favorite? I love the Main Street stuff the best.

Trying to stay positive on a Monday folks!


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I like the music loop in Canada, the nostalgic one in Tomorrowland (plays songs from attractions that USED to be in that land), and the big band music loop at Beverly & Sunset at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


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Disney loops are a great Monday killer. Nothing like flipping on a loop at work, closing your eyes, and pretending you are somewhere else for a bit. I may or may not have done that already this morning. :)

My current personal favorites are...

- Tomorrowland
- Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby
- Epcot Entrance Loop
- Innoventions Area
- Frontierland

but there are so many good ones, I'm constantly shifting which are my favorites after each trip.


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Love the classics like Innoventions and Tomorrowland, but am currently listening to oddities like Muppets 3DVision loops and the old SSE narration. Keeps me upbeat and connected without wanting to cry/hop on a plane right now...which is what some of the classics tend to make me do. So close yet so far. :arghh:

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