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Muppets will join the topiary cast at the 2014 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival


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I do love Kermit and Miss Piggy, but I never think of them as really Disney and if I'm reading correctly, they're going in where Mickey and Minnie should be? Trying to come to grips with that. Not loving it.

If they are doing it, like Dave said, they should bring them out for M&Gs.

Bacon cupcake? Will people like that??

So excited the Village People will be back!!!

Floral-flavored lemonades will feature rose and violet notes, and specialty cocktails, wines and beers will offer menu-pairing possibilities.
I am not sure what roses and violets taste like, so even though I will have to try at least a sip of Rose Lemonade, I won't know if it is good Rose Lemonade or bad Rose Lemonade, lol. Interested to taste...the violet, too, lol.

Does anyone know the flavor of a Violet?


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Does anyone know the flavor of a Violet?
I'm not sure this answer is going to help, but I would describe violet flavor as floral & slightly sweet. I have a chocolate bar that I got in New Orleans that is dark chocolate with candied violet petals in it. When I bite down into a piece with the violet in it, I get a distinct floral taste. (It tastes better than that sounded - I assure you.) I've also had creme de violette in a cocktail called an Aviation. Again, sweet floral notes, but there is lemon juice in the cocktail as well, so the violet flavor isn't super strong.

I'd be willing to give both the violet & rose flavored lemonades a try. They sound like they would be refreshing on a hot day.

Victor Kelly

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The Muppets have been there since the 1991. I know there was a huge fight with the Henson family vs. Disney. But still, the Muppets were touted as new Disney characters for a very long time. They deserve their place among the other characters.
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