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Muppets Present Great Moments in American History - What happened to the declaration of independence?


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Do they still do the declaration of independence version of the show? I've seen it a bunch of times over my last two trips and only ever caught the Paul Revere version.

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I’ve only seen the Declaration of Independence one, and I went in October and November. So I think so?

I somehow didn’t know it existed until then, despite being a huge Muppets fan. I told some guys I met at our resort who were also Muppets fans and they were also quite happy to hear about it. It’s a nice little show


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We always try to watch the last two shows of the day, this is the only way to guarantee that you can see both shows. The last time we watched was early December 2018.


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I could see a situation wherein if the face character for DoI was sick or something, they'd only be able to do the Paul Revere show for the day.


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Hopefully they can do more with The Muppets soon...Once Sesame Street opens in Sea World it's going to draw them away. I mean they still have to have these stored somewhere and they are the same costumes that are used for the Sesame Street characters from Vee Corporation Live Show tours..Wouldn't be too hard to incorporate them for M&G's or a show off of Grand Ave..
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