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Muppet Mobile Lab returning to Epcot this week


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I thought the new muppet show should be in muppet courtyard too, but the new show at MK is appropriate. I got to see it live and it's a great preshow to the tHOP. Very well done. That doesn't mean that this show couldn't be altered and moved later on to the courtyard. The content could easily change over time but the concept is truly perfect for the muppets!


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This is very good news! But I am wondering why it is not heading to Muppet's Courtyard instead.
This. I'm excited to see it come to Epcot and it certainly fits thematically in FW, so I don't have a problem with that. But with DHS hurting for attractions and there being a logical place to put it in that park, I'm surprised they are going with Epcot. Especially with DHS being a dead end, anything to draw people there might be beneficial.

Does anyone know where the performances will be located in Epcot?


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Agreed. Disney has finally made the Muppets Courtyard into a full on land, yet they're bringing in all these cool things that should go there but are scattering them across the resort. The place making of modern Disney is as contradictory as usual.
They are building two new Muppet restaurants to go with the show at DHS. Muppet Mobile Lab actually makes sense in Epcot and Great Moments makes sense in Liberty Square.

People will literally complain about anything.
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