Multiple Resorts Switch to Shared Costumes for Certain Cast Members


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Over the last several months multiple resorts have switched to unthemed generic costumes across multiple locations. These are for housekeeping and custodial hosts at the following locations:

Contemporary, Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs (coral shirt with olive pants)

Boardwalk, Riviera, Pop, Art, Old Key West, Yacht and Beach (blue top with navy pants)

Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness (tan top and kaki pants)

these costumes do look much more comfortable for the cast, especially in such a physically demanding role, but leads to a potential watering down of the themed environment in some of these resorts.


all star sports, all star music, all star movies and Saratoga Springs have also all switched over to the blue costume.

currently only Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Port Orleans have their own specific costume left.

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Long gone are the days when Cast Members would check out their costumes at the beginning of every shift, now you collect 5 of them and bring them home. It was originally sold as a way to save the company money by not paying the extra 20 minutes they'd pay you to change in/out of your costume. However, the net result was that it wound up in a lot of missing wardrobe pieces thanks to the high turnover rate.

Was a big downgrade in show quality, as you see Tower of Terror bellhops pumping gas and SWGE inhabitants at Publix.

Regardless, this change (which happened many years ago now) likely led to this here, so cast members can be utilized at multiple resorts, without having to get new costumes.


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They're really trying to eliminate every drop of unique theming from the hotels, aren't they?

Even ignoring that, though, all three of those costumes are hideous. They look like something from a 1980s sci-fi TV show.

To me they just look like very standard housekeeping staff uniforms. Could be any hotel in the world. But for housekeeping and cleaning staff that doesn't bother me. Save the more elaborate costumes for those in more customer-facing roles.


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When you're concerned about theming for custodial staff, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I'm more concerned about what they're supposed to be doing, not what they're wearing.
I wasn’t complaining, just sharing news, and im sure these cast are much happier in these outfits compared to what some of them used to be :)

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