Mulan 2020 Spoiler Thread


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This is a thread strictly for discussion on Mulan's plot, characters, etc.
For discussions on the movie's financial performance, China's impact, Disney+ charging extra for this release, or anything outside of story discussion, see this ongoing thread:

Now on to the movie, and its spoilers.

For starters, the first big plot change from the animated version which took me by the most surprise, was the reveal that Mulan was a Jedi (or Avenger) from childhood. The film referred to it as her "Chi", but there's no doubt it was something supernatural giving her the superhuman skills. She was chosen from birth by the Force and all she needed to do was tap into her extraordinary power to achieve her goals.

Having Mulan be an Avenger or Jedi was a smart move on Disney's part (imo) because it opens doors to future crossovers into other film sagas. The possibilities are quite endless with where this could go.
Loki: "I have an army."
Tony Stark: "We have a Hulk. And a kickass warrior who'll bring honor to us all."

It also eliminates the boring movie cliches of having your main protagonist work for what they want to achieve, and teaches children that there is no obstacle in life too difficult to eventually overcome if you're born with special powers. It's a good, grounded message.

It was also an interesting change removing Mushu and the ghost ancestors, making this completely realistic without all the goofy animated fantasy nonsense.
I liked the witch, and how she could morph into anything she wanted.
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