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mouse ear embroidery questions


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Hey, just have a few questions about this

1. is it still $3 to do this or has the price gone up?

2. I hear some things like nicknames can be a problem. What about foreign names? The person I want to get these ears for is a Russian woman named "Olga." Would this be fine?

Sorry if these questions have already been answered but I really want to make sure I get this done right.


I don't remember how much it cost to have it done. I don't think that nicknames or foreign names would be a problem as long as it will fit in the spot. It's all done my machine.


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I don't think the name Olga is going to be a problem. Although not common, I do know a couple people with that name.

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Embroidery is $3 for the basic design. If you want one of the varied designs then it is $7. The name Olga will not be an issue.

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