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Trip Report Mothers/Daughters trip to Disneyland

This trip came to fruition thanks to my daughter and her bestie from elementary school. The travelers include myself Dory, daughter Jordan, her friend Lauryn and Mom Lisa.


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The trip started out as a girls trip for Jordan and Lauryn. They have been friends since Elementary school and both love Disney. Jordan did the DCP in the Fall of 2019 and came home right before Covid happened. Lauryn did the DCP when they called back the college program after covid and she is currently working for the Mouse in merchandise.

The 2 of them wanted to go in April but couldn’t make it happen so Lauryn had the idea of making it a mother/daughter trip and going in early May so she could see her Mom for her Mom’s birthday.

Photo from 8th grade, many moons ago.


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The wheels were put in motion in early February for a May trip. The girls jumped into the planning right away. I think they really invited their Moms so that we would pick up some of the expenses 🤣

This is their wish list of things to do on our first day.

Cali sights

Logan’s candies (Ontario, CA) *

Hollywood sign *

Santa Monica pier *

Chinese theatre *

Hollywood forever cemetery

In-n-out burger (yes! Lunch that day after we land?? -lauryn) *

Walt Disney studios *

Griffith Observatory

Rodeo drive*

Sunset blvd*

Beverly Hills*

Doughbrik’s pizza

Rosco’s chicken and waffles

Anaheim packing district


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Our flight was at 5:10am to arrive in Anaheim at 10:40. We would have the whole day to explore. My daughter rented a Jeep and we hit the road. Our first stop was an In and Out Burger. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. There was nothing special about the burger, but it did fix the hunger pains. Next stop was Logan’s Candy in Ontario,CA. Lisa had been following them on social. She wanted to place an order and actually called and spoke with the owner. She told him we would be visiting in May. We ended up with a few bags of candy 🍭 The chocolate covered honeycomb is delicious 😋


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Did you get the burgers and fries animal style? That’s the way I like them with extra saucy stuff.
Just got the regular combo…had no idea about animal style?? I will take Freddy’s over in and out. Love their sauce and seasoned shoestring fries.


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We left the candy store and headed to Hollywood. The plan was to just drive by all of the points on the list. We didn’t hit them all but did see most. The ride was full of laughs. Especially riding to see the Hollywood sign and driving up to a sign that says “Turn around now, your GPS is wrong”
We even drove out on Santa Monica pier and dipped our toes in the Pacific ocean. We didn’t get to our hotel until around 9:15. It was a full day.


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We had planned to return the vehicle the same day but decided to keep it overnight since it was late getting to the hotel. Since we technically had rented it for 24 hours we decided to drive to Company D since Lauryn is an employee and could get us in. Company D sells discounted merch. We all bought a few things and had to drop our goodies off before returning the Jeep.


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