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Most Common Employment Questions - Hourly

Cesar R M

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Any accredited college or university can be utilised, there is no right or wrong answer. Just do your best and apply, I believe Fall 2019 has been completed so you might have to wait for Spring 2020. I recommend that if you are a Freshman wait until you have enough credits to be considered. It is very very rare that they select freshman in their first semester towards the programme. If the school is out of the US then you must apply through the international programme, otherwise just apply, fingers crossed you make it through the process, pay the fees and make your way to Disneyland or Disney World.
Thanks for the info (technically I already have a bachelor's, but I was wondering if I entered university again for a different career.. would I be eligible? )

Note that when I mentioned the list, I wanted to know.. because I'm not in the US and I only have seen international students from Canada who entered kinda directly, or any other citizenship as long they study in the USA )


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Does anyone have experience with being waitlisted? My availability kinda screwed me up for the areas that were available today at my interview. I did get home and rearrange some work trips and opened myself up for WDW. I called Casting and they emailed the recruiter, so I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with being pulled form waitlist to an offer so soon? I've literally waited for this role to come available for the past 10 months since moving to Orlando, and I think I'd lose my mind if the 6-month "on file" period elapses with no offer... Thoughts?
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