More Pictures taken from this morning


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animal kingdom?

I saw on the WDW site that AK is closed "until further notice" as opposed to the other places that are just listed as "closed." Any idea? Everest debris? Animal problems?

I've been watching on the news and all the destruction is just making me sick to my stomach ... I hope you're all finding who you're looking for, and good luck to the SC/NC residents who are bout to feel some of this storm in the next few hours ...


Thanks for the pictures, Rob. I'm glad you guys weren't hurt. I was a little surprised to see the man with 2 young children out there. :eek: Hopefully they went inside before it got too bad!


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great pics... and those with the people who would leave their rooms to venture through it were great... even though many included dave and yourself MKT out there too....

(how long untill the video goes to the documentariests... hehe)


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just stepped outside onto my balcony... there's debris all over the front yard from a renovation project that's been going on. A sheet of plywood that was covering the front entrance is no longer there. And there's a !#$%!#$% wasp nest now on the balcony


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pics of the aformentioned damage. Not good, but we still got lucky


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