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More Magic Kingdom snack kiosks join Mobile Order - April 2021


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I like mobile ordering, but expanding it during COVID is counter-productive. The herd of people trying to get to the pickup window is much more chaotic than letting people just stand in line.

Satuli Canteen was particularly bad about this, because of all of the bottlenecks and dead ends in Pandora due to the way the Flight of Passage line stretches throughout the land.


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We had a huge issue with mobile ordering last time we were there. I mobile ordered a Dole whip and when I got there, I clicked I'm here. When I got the alert that my order was ready I hopped in the line to get it. Well, the line didn't move.. turns out everyone lining up had just pressed I'm here and they were hoping by the time they got to the front their order would be ready. I tried to pass by letting them know my order was ready for pick up and was told by everyone else that this was the line and I had to wait. Ended up waiting like 20 mins for my dang snack!

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