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Moonlight Magic -- Typhoon Lagoon


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Does anyone have any thoughts on the first Moonlight Magic at Typhoon Lagoon? We are going to the one in a couple weeks and were wondering what to expect. We haven't been to any of them before, although we were scheduled to go to one at Animal Kingdom last year but Irma had other ideas..

I've also not been to TL before, so that part will be a new experience for me as well. :)


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Are you staying at a resort ? We're new to DVC and we haven't done any Moonlight Magic's yet.


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You’ll have fun and there’s no better way to go to a park then when it’s free. I’ve been to it before and it’s good because lines are short and park not crowded. We’re going to the one on 10/16 and I’m staying at SSR as well from 10/8-10/21


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We went to one at TL a few years ago and it was great. Just the fact of minimal lines made it worthwhile and being free was even better. We did notice that it did get chilly at night so watch the weather and be prepared. You will enjoy it!
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