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Months of Planning Perfect Proposal


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My girlfriend and I had planned a Disney trip back around Nov. of 07. We both are divorced and have kids and all of them get along great. We figured what a better way for us all to get closer than to take a Disney trip.

As the months went on I decided I really want to marry her so I got planning how and when I would ask her. I decided Disney in front of all our kids would be a great idea. I decided to ask during the Wishes firework display. I had seen it before and with a search on youtube I found plenty of recordings of it. I watched the recordings for months and found the perfect time to ask. I also found the words to the end to be perfect as we always talk about how we just wished to find the perfect mate after failed marriages. I chose the very finally of the show where they sing "just believe, just believe" just before the end.

After I watched that enough I was trying to think of the perfect place to watch the fireworks. Some place not too crowded but with a great view. I read many ideas online and figured the best way was to wait until the day we got there and ask a CM to help. We arrived on Oct 4th and I was planning to ask on that night however, there was some kind of birthday bash there that they moved the MNSSHP and they were having that the night I arrived. Monday the 6th was the next night they would have Wishes.

Well after all the suspense and waiting Monday finally arrived and we spent the entire day at the MK. That evening it was raining but thankfully it quit just before the parade. Before the parade I talked to two CM there that put me in touch with a guy named Ryan who worked with the Year of a Million Dreams. He was very awesome and really seemed to try and help me out. He let my girlfriend turn the lights off there at the park. He sat with us during the parade and asked me what I wanted to happen. I just told him I wanted a great place to view the fireworks. He left and said he would be back. Shortly after he returned and led us to the fence right at the rose garden. He then said he worked out for my girlfriend to stand in the grass in the rose garden to watch the fireworks and said she could invite me. hehe. Well. Not only did we get on the grass inside the fence of the rose garden by our selves. He also arranged for a potographer with Photopass to be there with us. I was like WOW.

Anyway to make a long story short I have never had such a great view of the fireworks and seeing tinker bell fly over my head was awesome. When the moment arrived for me to ask I dropped to one knee with the sky exploding in fireworks and asked her to marry me. She said YES!

I am so amazed at all the CM there and currently seeking through the guest relations email address to thank and praise all that helped to make my wish come true.

I couldnt stand it and wanted to share my experience with others and figured here would be a great place.
Pictures below....







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What a wonderful story! I'm all teary eyed just reading it. Congratulations!:wave:


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Great to have that special moment for you both to remember!

Kudo's to the great CM's that helped, and best wishes for both of you! :sohappy:


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Congrats. Thank you for sharing a part of your lives with us.

Note to Disney: Please thank the CM and Ryan for all their help. :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:


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CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so sweet!

Are the kids excited?

Will you honeymoon at WDW?

Thank you to everyone who gave us Congrats.
The kids were excited although the youngest of 6 years old didnt quite get what was going on.

I would love to honeymoon there or maybe even the Disney Cruise. We will have to see. At the very least I plan on some Anniversaries there. Its nice to know that that one spot should be there for many years to come.

On a side note I didnt mention before Ryan the CM that helped put all that together told the entire crowd behind us what was going on so when she said yes EVERYONE started clapping and cheered. It was a great moment.

I would love to find out if someone in that area video tapped the fireworks and possibly had us on tape. Chances of that are probably pretty slim.
Wedding Proposal

Wow that is so great!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us on here and the pictures too. I am so happy for the both of you and I hope everyday you spend together is as happy as the day/evening at Disney.
Enjoy your lives together. That is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sohappy::wave::ROFLOL:Yea Yippie!!!!!!!!


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