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Monorail Teal now in service


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Looks like they forgot the D's, but thats ok I wasn't expecting perfection. Maybe they'll fix it later.


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Looks good! I wonder if they fixed the Cab 1's delta, can't tell from that pic...Cab 1's already inside.

As far as the D's, hopefully they're still coming, and just temporarily forgotten.


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Looks exactly the same inside the cabs. The brakes were a little jerky, but that just could have been the pilot.

And all cars had the white trapezoid (deltas, whatever you'd like them to be called :) ) but no D's.


Beta Return
OOOOH. Pretty Color!

It's definitely a nice color!

Something that I'd like to see, if anyone is stealthy (and patient) enough, is a photo of Teal and Blue in close proximity. In different photos and sunlight, it's hard to tell how close they really are to each other. A pic of them passing or both in a station together would be awesome.

Hint hint, regulars.....

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