Mobile Order expanding to Walt Disney World Resort hotel restaurants


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This is useful in that you can grab a table and order with your phone at the table. I'm not sure if this is how Disney intended it to be used.


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Seems like another great addition, especially for breakfast, which you could potentially order from your room before you're ready to head out for the day.

Also glad to see it's offered at the Mara -- while I love the food there, the service in my experience has been very slow (at least it was a few years ago, the last time we were there). It could be a real time saver.


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The times I've used it in the parks the mobile pickup queue has been longer than the regular one. I may have been unlucky though


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This sounds great. I could definitely see ordering on the bus to the resort and having the food ready when you arrive.


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this will be nice for race weekends when the CYO pasta counter gets super-long and i just want carbs and my bed by 8pm...


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I would love for this to be added to other resorts prior to our January trip. We will mostly likely be staying at Movies. The food court can be tough with little kids. Queue up in one spot, order, queue up in other line, order. Order one is ready. Order two takes 10 more minutes. By the time you sit down, half the stuff is cold. It would be helpful to order all at once & pick up all at once :)
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I don't often eat at my resort but this will be an awesome option for the few times I do.

I wish they'd add it to EoS at DS.

Also just curious does anyone know why the took mobile order away from Sunshine Seasons food court?
That was a very useful place for it since like resorts there are different stations with different options and when your party wants different items it was nice to just walk up to one location to pick it all up.


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I couldn't get mobile ordering to work at all in the parks. I tried 4 days. Maybe it's just me. I could get FPs and whatnot no problem, but mobile ordering would just spin and spin and never open.


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If I mobile order at Contempo Cafe will the guard let me park at Comtemporary for free? Or will they not let me into the lot (assuming I am not staying on site)?


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Mobile Order now available at more Walt Disney World Resort hotel locations

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