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MLB 2019 Official Discussion Thread


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Because maybe those are his thoughts??? The Rays could be a dark horse team and the Phils could sign Harper???
Are multiple "?" always needed??? Are you always this overwrought around your students????
Ha ha ha. I am not overwrought. I had no idea using more than one question meant that. I will stop that . I was just being conversational. I enjoy posting and I wanted to learn his reasons why my favorite team the Phillies could not only make the playoffs but actually go to the World Series. That was my thinking...nothing more.
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Tampa clearly has the best team...
...in hockey.


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The Rays have improved over the off season. The only reason they didn’t go deal last year was their horrible start. The Phils have made some serious improvements and I predict will be 1st in the NL East.
Going to have to get by my Braves first.

Tick Tock

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Harper seems eager and ready to help the Nationals win it all this year.


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Harper is perhaps the most overrated player in all of baseball...

The Phillies should be better...definitely. World Series might be a bit much for now.

Hey...did you hear what the angels served for lunch at their complex yesterday? Cheesesteaks 😂

Telling the truth
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