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MLB 2018 Discussion Thread


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Max Scherzer has 7 wins already. On this date 50 years ago Denny McLain had just 5. McLain went on to win 26 more for 31 total, plus game 6 of the WS.


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The Orioles dropped 17 runs on the Rays today, and I just have one question...where the hell has this offense been all season long?


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Red Sox pitcher Carson Smith went on the 10 day DL after dislocating his shoulder during a tantrum, throwing his glove in the dugout after allowing a HR.


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This makes me smile with devilish glee.

"All nearby hotels were entirely booked up, so the Yankees had to live through that fun experience we all fear with planned trips -- spending the night at the airport."
Well played, @Lucky . Your brilliant scheme of calling every hotel in your city and booking all the rooms under fake names worked flawlessly.
I join you now for a brief laugh at the team's inconvenience.

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