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MLB 2018 Discussion Thread


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I agree somewhat. As much as I enjoy the sport, waiting until May 1st for opening game wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen.

Though many might disagree. Take for instance Red Sox fans already camping out near Fenway to see their team potentially win their 8th-straight tomorrow. Spring is in the air. Play ball!
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They can just use orange baseballs.


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I seriously thought something was wrong with my Yahoo sports app. When I swiped down on my phone ten minutes ago there was the following Yahoo sports update: Phillies 20 , Marlins 1......I was just skeptical. :eek:o_O
..........but it really happened!
I guess the Marlins fans have it worse than I do :p

Tick Tock

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Glad to see the Red Sox cooling off.
I may be to blame for that, considering the cool-down started right after I congratulated a friend who's a Red Sox fan the other day while their winning streak was ongoing.
Sorry, @Nemo14 :cautious:

Most likely coincidental, but just in case there happens to be some sort of voodoo magic going on here... I'd also like to congratulate the Mets, Nats, Marlins, and Phillies on winning the 2018 NL East title.
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