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MK Favorite Rides

Mouse Man

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Original Poster
For me there are two special rides that I was introduced to when I was a little boy and went to DWD for the very first time. You see my parents were older so they never took me, I was in third grade in the 1970's when my sister and my furture brother in-law took me to florida that year. Pirates of the Carribean was the coolest thing ever back then and still is till this day. My second favorite is Space Mountain. Riding that coaster in the dark was scary for me back then. It was kind of weird that it was scary and cool but made me want to go on it again and again. Can't leave MK without riding that old attraction. These two rides are classics and my favorites, so please tell me a little about your favorites in MK.


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MK is my favorite park so it's hard to only pick a few!

I LOVE the TTA and Space Mountain.
I also the classics such as Peter Pan's Flight, PoTC and Haunted Mansion!
Yea theres almost too many to miss. The following are ones that in no way could I miss and would feel terrible if I didnt hit them on a visit:

Space Mountain

mickey's mamu

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My two absolute favorite MK rides are HM and POTC!

Can't ride Space Mtn anymore due to my back problems, though I'm hoping the refurb will make it smooth enough that I can ride it again. BTMRR is also a little rough for me, but I rode it last trip with no ill effects. Both of these used to be on my must do lists!


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Haunted Mansion will always be my favorite attraction. As a kid I wouldn't ride it because it terrified me, but as I got older and realized how amazing the detailing was, I couldn't miss it. I feel like I always learn something new about it before each trip, and it makes it a little different.

I have to ride Jungle Cruise too, because I love the ridiculous humor of the CM's. I gotta hear the theme music for Pirates at least once on each trip. There really are so many! :)


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MUST ride Splash Mountain. At least once per trip...but usually more like 5 times per trip. My family thinks I'm crazy.

But it's where my laughin' place is. It just makes me so dang happy. It's even doing it right now...just thinking about it!

And Haunted Mansion is a must as well. Just because it's a genius attraction, and I see something different every single time I ride.

I would put PoTC on this list...except, I have done the Disneyland version, and the WDW one just doesn't compare. But I still love the pirates.


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Space Mtn
Splash Mt

They are all my classic favorites and I never miss them on a trip unless one is closed. This year will be weird not being able to ride Space Mtn. It is scheduled to open the day we leave to go back home.


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I like the classics: Peter Pan's Flight is a BIG favorite of mine, as well as Carosel of Progress ("There's a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.....") and the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority (Weedway People Moover!) Pirates of Carribean & Haunted Mansion (old version)


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Pirates of the Caribbean - First ride of first day, we head up Main Street USA, turn Left at Casey's over the bridges and into Adventureland
Haunted Mansion
Jungle Cruise
Peter Pan's Flight
Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Mickey's Philharmagic show
Country Bears Jamboree


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I can't leave the MK without doing the following from each land:

-The Haunted Mansion
-Peter Pan's Flight
-The Barnstormer or a meet and greet
-Splash Mountain

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