Pre-Trip Mixtape - A July 2022 Trip

I'm happy and excited to report that the Fractal family, at least parts of it will be going back to Walt Disney World this July!

Like our 2017 trip, this one will be a joint family trip with my sister Marina and yes, Yia-Yia will be joining us and she is counting the days she can ride Flight of Passage again. We are doing it again!

Marina will be with her entire family this time but as for me there will be some subtractions and an addition. My daughter Alex is doing a traveling nurse stint in New Mexico and unfortunately her plans to join us with her girlfriend Emily just didn't work out.
Val has decided to travel to New Mexico instead of Disney to visit Alex so Val will not be with us. My crew will consist of myself, Toni, Sterg and his girlfriend Mara who is in Med-School but has somehow figured out a way to join us for a few days.

Toni and Yia-Yia


Sterg and Mara


Val is absolutely devastated that she is missing this trip...not really but deep, deep down I think there is a small part of her that is bummed. :rolleyes:

We'll certainly miss her!


I will also miss Alex and Emily who we've gotten to know more. Emily spent a couple days in Disney last year and was immediately hooked. She's very bummed not to be coming along but there's always a next time!

Here they are front row.


We are planning to Arrive July 15th and depart the 20th. There is a lot of planning yet to do!

Back with more!
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Yay!! So excited for you that you get to go back! I can't wait to hear about all of the shenanigans that I'm sure will happen with 3 young adults and Yia-Yia along! I swear my three are worse now than when they were toddlers!

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