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Missing Spaceship Earth, Jeremy Irons version


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I don't necessarily dislike the newer version by Judi Dench, but I do feel like a major loss happened when they took out not only Irons, but also the music, narration dialogue, and the ending descent sets and lights. Yes I understand that the ride might have seemed outdated to some, but like Horizons, it always pointed toward the "future" that has yet to come. (Well, maybe that version had more of today's technology in their projected future, but still.)

This version was so timeless and inspiring and flowed very well. (Sorry to people who have witnessed previous versions like Cronkite. I did not have the privilege as I wasn't in existence at that time. I am sure I would have loved it even more.)

But that touch screen thing at the end of the current one...lacks major luster and takes away from the ride in its entirety, not too mention is very cartoony.

I mean, all they really had to do to update it at the time was change the ending dialogue. But, that is just how I feel about it.

I am missing the Disney World of yesteryear something awful. Can you tell??

Simba's Mom

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Oh, yes-I miss it too! And "Tomorrow's Child", the song that went with his narration is my favorite park song.
If you heard Judi Dench the first time you went on the ride......and Irons afterward do you think your opinion would be the same?

I mean I recognize Irons was great - but I don't see him really comparing Cronkite
Now I wonder if its the whole first thing - Like who is your favorite doctor, James Bond, etc.


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The biggest losses, in my opinion, were entirely descent related. Obviously replacing the sets and projections with the touchscreens was disappointing, but the score during the descent of SSE 94 is one of my favorite pieces of Disney Parks music. It sounds so grand and awe-inspiring.